Celebrating 37 years of conducting conferences, retreats and tours!
(not many sacred site tour companies out there that have been in existence for 37 years)

© "Standing Stones at Callanish" by Sheri Nakken

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Enchanting Scotland!

Celtic Journey, Sacred Sites, Music, Mystery & Mythology

Ancient & Sacred Sites on Orkney,
the Isle of Lewis (Callanish), the Isle of Skye,
Fort William, & Rosslyn Chapel

July 14 - 27, 2020 OR July 30 - August 12, 2020 (2 tours) -- email for a more detailed brochure
(13 night tour - includes the Orkney Islands main island)

Open to people from any country anywhere! Other currencies can be calculated.
And other dates possible too - private tours also possible for 5 or more people.

Journey with us to this incredible land of legends,mystery, bagpipes,highlands, standing stones, islands & myth

Rosslyn Chapel by Sheri Nakken

Rosslyn Chapel

Tentative Itinerary

Bookstore - Celtic, Scottish Fiction, History's Mysteries, Homeopathy & more.

Cost: Tour Costs starting at $3595 USD (other currencies can be calculated) + airfare extra. Single Supplement also if desire single room. Price includes accommodations, full Scottish breakfast daily, admission (single supplement $550 USD). to sites listed, ferry journeys to all islands listed, pickup at Kirkwall airport at time selected, transportation to Edinburgh airport at end, transportation around Scotland by minibus and/or cars, admission to sites listed & guiding and all workshops.

Workshop Descriptions

Pre-Celtic & Celtic Mythology & Worldview - Throughout the trip we will explore the Pre-Celtic & Celtic mythology & worldview as they apply to each area we visit. The land & history come alive through the stories & legends.

Rossyln Chapel Mysteries - includes background information on the Knights Templar, hidden treasure, the Sinclair family and more

Who Are These Tours Designed For?
These tours are designed for women as well as men; young or not so young; people interested in the mystery and sacredness of life, with a desire to know and understand more of where we've come from to assist us in where we are going and making a difference on the planet. We also explore a lot of newly discovered/released information that you may not have heard before. If you have a curiosity about mythology, sacred sites, other cultures, and a sense of adventure and want to travel with like-minded people in small intimate groups with a nice balance of workshop time, site time as well as free, independent time, these tours are designed for you. They are not your ordinary, large group tours, being herded into buses with little time to experience the energy of the site. We allow special extra time at sacred sites and there is always the option of being with the group or being on your own. Also, meals are usually not included, except breakfasts to afford you the opportunity to explore on your own at meal time or eat with the group.

We want your tour to be a trip of a lifetime, a transformative adventure

Flights & Travel Arrangements
Well Within is a travel agency & all flights and travel arrangements can be made with us. We have access to non-published discount fares to Britain from most locations in the U.S./Canada/World. Tour starts at Inverness airport and ends in Glasgow.

Well Within's Earth Mysteries & Sacred Sites Tours

Celebrate 37 years of retreats and tours and travel with us in 2019! Experience incredible journeys to ancient & sacred sites throughout the world. Well Within's tours to mysterious & sacred sites are special in that you experience the power & energy of the sites. These are not just the normal sightseeing tours. They are experiences to remember for a lifetime. The tours are specially designed with expert guidance and time to experience each place. Well Within, since 1982, has sponsored & conducted nearly 100 exciting workshops, conferences, weekend retreats in holistic health & metaphysical concepts & well over 100 incredible international tours to these mysterious & sacred sites as well as alternative healing centers. Well Within has conducted the above in California, Colorado, Hawaii, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Egypt & Bali.

Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Homeopath., is Director & Creator of Well Within. She has a great passion for mythology, legend, ancient practices, history's mysteries & ancient sites where clues are found as to why we are here on this planet & other realms that are present to assist us. By visiting these incredible sites, ancient memories and teachings can be tapped into consciously and unconsciously to assist us on our journey. Through these studies as well as alternative healing therapies & metaphysics, healing can occur for person & planet.

Today's Weather in Scotland!

 celtic, celt, mythology, earth mysteries, ancient sites, sacred sites, tours, celtic tours, scotland, orkney, skye, lewis, highland, rosslyn, knights templar, grail

© "Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Islands" by Sheri Nakken

For more detailed brochure earthmysteriestours@gmail.com please indicate which tour you are requesting information on, in your email

Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours & Well Within
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