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Podcast: Interview with Sheri Nakken, on Vaccines: An Issue of Trust with Shawn Siegel Fall of 2012 - I start at 9:28 into the show

Current Vaccination Schedules in the U.S.

See the huge number of vaccines they would like your child and selves to have:

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Introduction to Homeopathy Vaccines & SIDS
Vaccines Effective? Mercury in Vaccines (Thimerosal)
Conflict of Interest Info - Drug Cos., CDC, FDA, Doctors, etc. Aluminum in Vaccines
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Vaccine Schedules for children & adolescents Alexander Horwin
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Shaken Baby Syndrome so-called Swine Flu, 2009 and previous
Finding a Health Care Professional Herd Immunity
Antibodies & Immunity After Vaccines


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Aluminum in Vaccines Ingredients in Vaccines
Vaccine Package Inserts VAERS - Adverse Reaction Database
BCG (TB) Vaccine & TB Testing Dangers of Rhogam in Pregnancy


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Vaccine Politics at consumercide

Medical Veritas - Articles & NEW Medical Journal

Description: MEDICAL VERITAS is the pre-eminent journal that serves as an interface between academics, research scientists, medical practitioners, and concerned patients and parents. Relevant topics range from basic research, general medical practice, vaccines, treatments, bias and other conflicts of interest in research, to immunology, vaccine injury, and infectious diseases.

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Immunization News

Wonderful website by a mom - Wendy mother of Chase

NEW - VAERS Database - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - link to site where you can download the whole huge data base

More General Vaccine info

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report The MMWR weekly contains data on specific diseases as reported by state and territorial health departments and reports on infectious and chronic diseases, environmental hazards, natural or human-generated disasters, occupational diseases and injuries, and intentional and unintentional injuries. Also included are reports on topics of international interest and notices of events of interest to the public health community.

Summary of Notifiable Diseases

NVICP - National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Miscellaneous Journal Articles

Fears of Bioterrorism -Suggest calm, turn off the TV! And here are some links for information - I don't agree with all the information or the potencies that are prescribed in some of these links. I do encourage you to find a quality homeopath nearby to help you with the remedies should the need arise. There is just NOT ONE MAGIC remedy for each disease. You need a bunch on hand - better to have a homeopath nearby. Call one NOW.

Homeopathy Information

VACCINE REACTIONS?? If you think your child, yourself or a family member has possibly had a reaction to a vaccine, Contact VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) at 1-800-822-7967 WEBSITE TO FILE A REPORT . It doesn't have to be proven or believed to be a reaction by your doctor. Anything that occurs after a vaccination that you are concerned may be a reaction to the vaccine, no matter how serious, needs to be reported. You can do this yourself. Don't rely on your doctor to do this. This includes the development of fevers after, seizures, behavior changes, autism, PDD or spectrum deficits AFTER a vaccine/vaccines, diabetes, asthma - ANYTHING that may be a reaction to the vaccine

OSHA- refusal of hepatitis B vaccine in the workplace info

Michael Belkin's Talk at NVIC conference (also sent out to the investment world he is part of) - Michael's daughter died right after the Hepatitis B Vaccine

NVIC Conference, Sept. 2000, Tapes

Vaccine Manufacturers & Breast Implant Manufacturers: Same Game, Same Strategies. A Mere Coincidence?

The Diseases

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Vaccine Websites This list is not complete and needs updating - email if you have a vaccine dangers website you would like listed

Introduction to Homeopathy
A Health Care System to Assist & Support During Illness of Any Kind

Questions about Effectiveness of Vaccines

I would like a condensed safe and effective or not statement. Personally I am convinced not to vaccinate. Since subscribing to this list I have encountered so many people with questions. Maybe I am more free to talk about it since knowing you folks are out there. The questions posed - 1. Are vaccines not effective? Does this include in undeveloped countries and very poor populations in the US?

Answer: What does effective mean?
A. Yes, acute disease rates have gone down - ie. measles, etc. But basically what vaccines do is GIVE YOU A CHRONIC CASE OF THE DISEASE and therefore you can't get an acute case of it because you already have it - but a chronic form. A form that is always stimulating the immune system as it has no way to leave the body. The disease is given by injecting into the child/person - and then goes right into bloodstream - bypassing the normal route of entry for the disease and the normal defense mechanisms that would be activated before it reaches the deeper organs and tissues (which it reaches right away with the vaccines).
B. Disease rates, for the most part, were already on the decline before the vaccines came about - the trend was declining disease rates. The vaccine companies have taken credit for the continued decline, but they already were declining. What is more significant to look at are the death rates statistics from the disease. The death rates have stayed the same for the most part BEFORE AND AFTER VACCINES. Disease rates decrease with better sanitation, nutrition, water supplies, etc.
C. A vaccines, by giving a chronic case of the disease, only lasts about 10 years at the max. Then the person needs to be revaccinated continuing the chronic disease so they won't get the acute form of the disease. If they aren't revaccinated, or of the vaccine doesn't do the above, the person gets the disease at an age that is not normal for that disease - when it is much more severe. It just shifts the age group. Teens getting mumps after going thru puberty resulting in sterility; Teens and adults getting measles when they have much more severe cases; Pertussis in children and adults which goes undiagnosed because they have been vaccinated and of course they couldn't possibly have pertussis, etc.
D. So less developed (hate that word) have poorer sanitation/nutrition and are more at risk for exposure to the diseases as well as have more impaired health. Again, the vaccines here given a chronic case of the disease preventing an acute case.

Is the indication that the decline of disease is attributed to vaccine false?

Yes, for the most part - see above.

Is herd immunity achieved through vaccine ever? Does "herd immunity"happen?

Yes, it does, but again those vaccinated really don't have immunity but a chronic case of the disease. Those that get the disease most of the time have LIFELONG IMMUNITY. This is immunity. What vaccines give is NOT immunity. That is why those of us working with this issue call them vaccinations instead of immunizations.

It is a theory that vaccine has opened the door to auto - immune disease, how much research has been done on this theory and by whom.

Very little as its the drug companies who do the research and we know what happens to that research. There is the latest study by Andrew Wakefield in England linking MMR vaccine with Crohn's Disease and Autism. There is also the study by Bernard Classen linking vaccines to increased incidence of Diabetes as an auto-immune disease affecting the pancreas. There are a few others. Mostly anecdotal stories.

I think there is no such thing as a safe vaccine. Is that true?

Yes. Each vaccine comes with the risks of short time side effects; long term side effects; problems with the ingredients of mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and other things; animal viruses due to vaccines being grown on animal tissues or filtered through animal tissues or grown on fetal tissue (animal and human viruses/retrovirues and who knows what else); problems with production in the vaccine plants; malicious intent with vaccines for population control????. Each child/person is different and will react differently depending on their constitution and health at the time of the vaccine as well as whatever might be going on with that vaccine. Again the vaccine gives you a chronic case of the disease. If people new the trade offs would they agree so readily - maybe not. Not only a chronic case of the disease but the problems with the immune system because of the chronic case.

And what are we tampering with with SO LITTLE KNOWLEDGE. It took centuries if not millenia for measles to get to where it was with little risk to people with better sanitation and nutrition. Now we have interferred with that natural process and who knows what the long term results are.

Sheri Nakken, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath (former RN)

This list is designed, compiled and maintained by Sheri Nakken, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath (former RN)
I was a Registered Nurse, graduating in 1971, working in Pediatrics for many years. I currently am a Hahnemannian Homeopath. I was shown information on vaccine dangers in 1981 or so and have since researched continuously, especially the last 12 years. I have found vaccines to have far more problems that I was ever led to believe in nursing school or later practice. I encourage you to research thoroughly, yourself, the true dangers of the diseases for your child where you live and the risks of the vaccines

I receive NO funding of any kind and receive no financial gain from this website other than a few books that you purchase from thru this website and any classes that you might take

I encourage to evaluate other websites as to their sponsorship and source of funding, as many are funded by drug companies if you research carefully

Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical or legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.

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