Introduction to Vaccine Dangers CLASSES

I have 4 different classes related to vaccines, vaccine dangers & disease reality and treatment online

1. Vaccine Dangers Part 1
2. Vaccine Dangers Part 2
3. Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment (for diseases with vaccines associated with them)
4. Holistic Baby & Toddler Care Class

5. Help with Vaccine Exemptions for Schools/Daycare/Colleges And I have an Introduction to Homeopathy course, online and by email

You can take any of them at any time - don't need Part 1 before Part 2 (recommended but not required) or the Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment class - in any order

Vaccine Dangers Part 1 Class

Click here
Info on all the dangers of all vaccines - all aspects - starts Tuesday October 4 - can also join late, if it is after this date
Email class

Vaccine Dangers Part 2 Class

Click here
Info on each of the specific Vaccines associated with each disease - starts February
Email class

Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment - Click here Starts starts Monday October 3

Email class

Discuss EACH disease with a vaccine associated with it - about the disease, about the risk, about alternative treatments

We don't discuss the vaccines at all (except in a rare instance) - only the diseases and the treatment (the problems with each vaccine will covered in Vaccine Dangers, Part 2 class (above), if you prefer that one instead)

Also have a shorter version of this class where I share info on treatment ONLY for each disease - go to website for that info too - Friday February 3

Holistic Child Care Class- from Baby/Toddler through pre-teen - Monday October 3

Help with Vaccine Exemptions for Schools/Daycare/Colleges

It seems daunting, to figure out the whole exemption issue
Most states have religious or personal exemptions for schools, daycare and colleges
But each state is different as to what you need to do, and sometimes not easy to figure out
It is important to only do what the law says and not try to do more, or explain more.

> I will help you with your state and your situation, providing you with information about your exemption posssiblities and resources.

Can sign on at any time for personalized assistance with this issue

PART 1 Class - Introduction to Vaccine Dangers online Class
Information on ALL the dangers of Vaccines -

Includes info on Covid "vax"

Next class starts online by email (go at your own pace) Tuesday October 4

I started teaching an online class on the Dangers of Vaccinations in January, 2004 and have had a huge response.

Many of you are new to this issue or have come to it because your child was harmed by vaccines or some of you know parts of the puzzle but don't know the whole picture of why vaccines are dangerous.

It is hard to get this from participating from an email list, although they are important to keep up to date, ask questions of other parents and professionals and to have the support the list offers.

Many of you have requested an organized class so that you can learn all the nuances and details about vaccines.

The class is divided into 2 parts (part 1 lasting about 8 months (2 week break over winter holidays) and part 2 lasting about 8 months)

Part 1 will NOT be a pre-requisite to taking part 2

This is NOT a discussion list and you will only receive emails and lessons from me, most times once a week (for a few weeks ata time whenI am traveling), limiting the number of emails


By taking this online class, you will:
1. Learn all of the aspects of vaccines and why they are dangerous
2. Be able tell others with a stronger knowledge base about vaccines
3. Have a ready resource of information in your files on your computer &/or printed out in a binder/folder
4. Be able to ask questions of me


Part 1 will cover:
I. Overview of the vaccine issue



I am a Registered Nurse and have left allopathic nursing behind & have been a student of homeopathy since 1982 & completed my formal homeopathic education early in 2003 & have been practicing homeopathy since that time. I have studied about the dangers of vaccines since 1982 and especially since we have had the internet. I currently own and moderate several facebook groups as well as participate in many others including webboards.


For Part 1 (Part 2 will be a separate cost)