Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment Classes

I have 3 different classes related to vaccines, vaccine dangers & disease reality and treatment online

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Other pages for Vaccine Dangers Part 1 and Vaccine Dangers Part 2

Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment, Class

Starts Friday July 15 - - can also join late, if it is after this date Click here

Discuss EACH disease with a vaccine associated with it - about the disease, about the risk, about alternative treatments

In this class we don't discuss the vaccines (except in a few cases) - only the diseases and the treatment (the problems with each vaccine will covered in Vaccine Dangers, Part 2 class, if you prefer that one instead)

Emails will be sent to you once a week and this class will last for about 7 months & will be very helpful for people and assist them to get over the fear of many of these diseases. Consider it ongoing learning - information coming to you spread out over 7 months, more than a class.

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Not necessarily in this order

I. Flu
II. Measles
III. Mumps
IV. Rubella
V. Diphtheria
VI. Tetanus
VII. Pertussis
VIII. Polio
X. Prevnar (pneumococcal disease)
XI. Hepatitis B
XII. Hepatitis A
XIII. Chickenpox
XV. Meningitis
XVI. Smallpox
XVII. Anthrax
XIX. Rotavirus
XXI. Other disease that will have vaccines associated by the time we get here


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