Childhood Diseases: Reality, Care & Treatment Classes

Starts Thursday September 15

I have 3 different classes related to vaccines, vaccine dangers & disease reality and treatment online

This page is for Childhood Diseases

I now have 2 classes under this subject:

Other pages for Vaccine Dangers Part 1 and Vaccine Dangers Part 2

Discuss EACH disease with a vaccine associated with it - about the disease, about the risk, about alternative treatments

In this class we don't discuss the vaccines (except in a few cases) - only the diseases and the treatment (the problems with each vaccine will covered in Vaccine Dangers, Part 2 class, if you prefer that one instead)

Emails will be sent to you once a week and this class will last for about 7 months & will be very helpful for people and assist them to get over the fear of many of these diseases. Consider it ongoing learning - information coming to you spread out over 7 months, more than a class.

Please tell others who may be interested also


Not necessarily in this order

I. Flu
II. Measles
III. Mumps
IV. Rubella
V. Diphtheria
VI. Tetanus
VII. Pertussis
VIII. Polio
X. Prevnar (pneumococcal disease)
XI. Hepatitis B
XII. Hepatitis A
XIII. Chickenpox
XV. Meningitis
XVI. Smallpox
XVII. Anthrax
XIX. Rotavirus
XXI. Other disease that will have vaccines associated by the time we get here


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