Meningitis B Vaccine

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Meningitis just means inflammation of the meninges

Varioius bacteria are blamed for meningitis - H. influenza B, pneumococcal, meningococcal & more

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The following articles are in chronological order
from the top down regarding this travesty of Meningitis B vaccination in
New Zealand & Norway

thanks to Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law for their incredible work in exposing this travesty filled with lies & deceit

Insight: The Biology Of A Meningococcal Vax Company By Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law - Thursday, 11 November 2004

Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush New Zealand - Monday, 7 February 2005, 10:01 am - Article: Barbara Sumner Burstyn & Ron Law
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: New Zealand's meningococcal disease story, as unravelled through analysis of previously secret documents obtained under the Official Information Act, reveals that the New Zealand government, media and public have been mislead and manipulated by officials, advisors and scientists alike.

As a result of this manipulation, the government has committed an unprecedented 200 million taxpayer dollars to a mass vaccination experiment of 1.15 million New Zealand children with an untested and experimental vaccine. Despite being reassured by a bevy of pro-vaccine and vaccine manufacturer sponsored experts and none-less than the Minister of Health herself that the MeNZB(tm) vaccine is thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and effective, we reveal that Chiron's MeNZB(tm) vaccine was never used in the trials used to approve its license. We reveal that despite assurances, there is no evidence that the MeNZB(tm) vaccine will actually work as promised.

We believe that the magnitude of policy, regulatory and scientific misconduct is such that not only should vaccination with this vaccine be halted forthwith, but that the meningococcal vaccination program should be independently audited and the circumstances surrounding the development and implementation of the program subjected to a full Royal Commission of Inquiry.

The Meningococcal Gold Rush - Second Edition Monday, 30 May 2005

Someone's Wrong: ESR or Meningococcal 'Experts' Tuesday, 9 May 2006, 11:44 am - Press Release: Ron Law

Meningococcal Gold Rush III: post-MeNZB(tm) Vaccine Update Wednesday, 19 July 2006 - Article: Barbara Sumner Burstyn

A quick guide to the MeNZB™ report - The Meningococcal Gold Rush Prepared by Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law Source Documents In .PDF Format

Another MeNZB Fully Vaccinated Child Dies Tuesday, 8 August 2006

MOH Fabricated WHO Meningococcal Meeting Wednesday, 20 September 2006 - Press Release Ron Law

Stanset norsk vaksine the page on the Norwegian TV documentary below -translation will be added shortly...Sheri Norwegian TV2 about Norwegian Vaccine Conspiracy uncovered. In Norwegian

Norway Shocked By New Documentary Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Norway MENZB Doco: Exported Controversial Vaccine Tuesday, 17 October 2006
A preview of a documentary that aired on Norwegian TV this morning (NZ time)
"First: Norwegian vaccine was not safe! Second, it is a serious overstatement to say that vaccine is effective. Third: it is against international regulations and against research ethics to start to vaccinate small children on New Zealand with a vaccine that was tested on a different group of people, Norwegian school kids. To say it nice, they enlisted hundreds of thousands of small kids into a gigantic experiment," says Jan Helge Solbakk, professor in medical ethics."

Meningococcal Vaccine Fails International Tests 19 October 2006

Ministry downplays link between vaccine and ME (chronic fatigue) Monday October 23, 2006

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