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There is so much hype out there - stop, take a deep breathe, there is NO smallpox, there is NO vaccine available (thank goodness) - read these pages carefully

Read these huges lists of reactions with links!

Read these huges lists of reactions with links - 1966- 1975!

Read these huges lists of reactions with links! - 1975 - 1979

Read these huges lists of reactions with links! - 1979 on

CDC website -showing smallpox vaccine reaction images

Extensive information on Smallpox and vaccine on this website

Disease Statistics

Report of the CDC: Public Forum on Smallpox By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
June 8, 2002 - St. Louis, Missouri

fascinating report - MUST read! - Click on Articles & Letters in the Frame on the Left and choose this article

Smallpox Outbreak? What to Do - By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
July 7, 2002

fascinating - MUST read! - Click on Articles & Letters in the Frame on the Left and choose this article

Vitamin C & Anthrax & Smallpox

C.W. Eaton on Homeopathic Prevention

The major article written about smallpox and the use of Variolinum as both treatment and Prophylactic was presented by C.W. Eaton at the AIH Meeting in 1907.

Lots of new information added on the NCH (homeopathy) website

Smallpox info - huge amount - excellent historical information

Smallpox by Ian Sinclair

See main page for info on Remedies & Information on Bioterrorism

See my homeopathy page for information on homoepathic treatment

Has Smallpox Really Disappeared from the Earth? Dr. Kris Gaublomme

The Hadwin Papers

Dr. Hadwen of Gloucester, England, speaking on smallpox vaccine dangers and insanity

Smallpox Pages by Vaccination Liberation, more

Professor George Dick " Professor George Dick, speaking at an environmental conference in Brussels in 1973, admitted that in recent decades, 75% of British people who contracted smallpox had been vaccinated. This, combined with the fact that only 40% of children (and a maximum of 10% of adults) had been vaccinated, clearly shows that vaccinated people have a much higher tendency to contract the disease. "

"There continue to be incidents like the one in West Germany in 1967, where smallpox vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children, and of these 71 were rendered completely deaf. "

Smallpox and Breast Milk From a Maori native woman in New Zealand

LINK "World health records (England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, British India, etc.) document the devastating epidemics which followed mass vaccination. The worst smallpox disaster occurred in the Philippines, after 10 years (1911-1920) of a compulsory U.S. program which administered 25 million vaccinations to its population of 10 million. The result: 170,000 cases and more than 75,000 deaths from smallpox. History past and present is replete with similar tragedies. "Public education" by vaccine producers and their supporters always omits self-incriminating facts."

LINK Furthermore, European countries that refused immunization for small pox and polio saw the epidemics end along with those countries that mandated it. (In fact, both small pox and polio immunization campaigns were followed initially by significant disease incidence increases; during smallpox vaccination campaigns, other infectious diseases continued their declines in the absence of vaccines. In England and Wales, smallpox disease and vaccination rates eventually declined simultaneously over a period of several decades.[26- Neil Miller, Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective? p 33.]

Gary Null

Homeopathy in Epidemics

Homeopathy preventing illness I encourage you to read the whole article for an idea of homeopathy preventing illness


"homeoprophylaxis is the use of *similar nosodes*. In this method a nosode of the threatening miasm is given as a preventative to the specific disease. Unlike the remedy epidemicus, the specific causation of the offending miasms must be known and a proper stock available. Homeopathic nosodes have a wider band of action then orthodox immunization. Old stocks of nosodes from a previous epidemics are often effective. The nosodes of most common miasms are available from reputable pharmacies. An example of such a prophylactic remedy is Pertussin, a nosode made from the whooping cough virus. Some miasms mutate very quickly making previous epidemic nosodes ineffective. It may be necessary to make a nosode of the prevailing strain of miasma.

The nature of the situations is what must guide to the approach used by a homeopath. For example when the small-pox epidemics were treating the USA at the turn of the 20th century, the homeopaths used Variolinum as a preventative treatment for the masses. This was because there is no way during an epidemic each every adult and child can be treated as an individual. They must be treated as a group as neither time nor logistics allow for constitutional prophylaxis. For this reason many homeopaths involve in public campaigns against smallpox used Variolinum as it could be distributed to the masses as a specific preventative.

Homoeopaths involved in the wide spread use of Variolinum believed also constitutional treatment provided protection but that the use of nosodes was more appropriate for epidemics where there is a danger to public health. Constitutional analysis takes hours of individual cases management. If you must protect an entire village or town from a virulent epidemic this would not be possible. To prove the effectiveness of specific prophylaxis the homeopaths did trials in the field. In the Medical Advance 1904 there is a wonderful discussion of constitutional prevention versus specific prophylaxis with nosodes. I will post this for reference as Homeoprophylaxis 1-a."

The Fallacy Of Vaccination From 1911 - From Both Sides Of The Vaccination Question, The Anti-Vaccination League of America, Philadelphia, 1911, By John Pitcairn, President of the Anti-Vaccination League of America - info on smallpox here too

The Homeopathic View of Vaccination

Vaccinations and Their Side Effects

My Experience with Smallpox and Internal (homeopathic) Vaccination
by W. L. Bonnell, MD

(read before the IHA, June 18, 1940)

from: The Conquest of Disease by A. C. French, MD, Corpus Christi, TX; Corpus Christi Printing, 1943

Few Homeopathic doctors get to air their troubles in a Health Board Trial. But doing so, when odds seem against you, and still you are vindicated acts as a boost and benefit.

One winter, a number of years ago in our city, we had at one time over seventy-five cases of smallpox. The city health physician and local doctors recommended immediate vaccination, in the arm, of all school children.

Here I was, a regularly licensed physician in Oklahoma, but I believed in internal vaccination. Though it seemed mandatory that the vaccination be external, I fortified myself with legal information and began giving internal vaccination. My first fifty patients I gave one powder of Variolinum 12x., three times daily for three days. I took these powders myself. After the first fifty patients, however, I decided to change to Vaccininum 12x, three powders each day for three days. During this epidemic it fell my lot to treat twenty cases, and to these twenty cases I gave two powders of Variolinum 30x for four or five days. Among these twenty cases, two were black or confluent smallpox. One of my cases, a woman, had black, hemorrhagic smallpox. She was very low for nine days; all her hair came out, and all the tissue fell off her nose and ears. She was a hideous looking sight, more like a corpse than a living person.

Nearly one-half of my cases were treated in the city pest-house, and here especially there was a chance for comparison of the homeopathic and the "old school" method. Not one case receiving homeopathic care died, while the "old school" doctors lost twenty percent of their cases.

I gave about three hundred internal vaccinations, five to adults acting as practical nurses; to the man who installed the telephone and lights in the pest-house; to mothers who slept with their children while they had smallpox in its severest form. All of these people, exposed daily, were immune.

During this epidemic we had, in out city, a regular licensed, "old school" physician who vaccinated himself on the arm with the glycerinated virus point. It did not take, and two weeks later he vaccinated himself again. It took in a very mild form. A year later, to make sure he was immune for life, he took varioloid. Within two years, however, he took smallpox in a very severe form and nearly died.

About the third or fourth week of this epidemic I had a peculiar experience. I had left some of the internal vaccination powders for a man in a rooming house. He was in first class physical condition, but seemed to have an idiosyncrasy for the powder. By the third powder he had a headache, was sick at his stomach with a desire to vomit. On the second day he broke out, with a small, red rash. I was called, and diagnosed it as a physiological disturbance caused by the powder, a term known as vaccinoid. A couple of hours later the city health officer called on my patient and diagnosed it as varioloid and much to the patient's disgust, removed him to the city pest-house. The same day I was handed a summons to appear before the city health board changed with failure to report a case of smallpox which has been take;to the pest-house. I was asked to prove that the insignificant looking little powders I was giving were as effective as the arm point vaccination.

I hired a fine lawyer, and he began studying smallpox and internal vaccination. To my surprise the second morning after taking the case, he told me that he wanted to take the powders. He visited my patient with me at the pest-house. We found, eighteen hours after the vaccination powders had been removed, that the eruption had entirely disappeared. Together, my lawyer and I studied, in minute detail, the preparation of the glycerinated virus. When the trial started he was "loaded to the brim" with information on smallpox.

He cross-examine the city doctor until he was completely befuddled. He pointed out that this was a severe epidemic, and that he, the city doctor, had lost a lot of cases. The doctor answered truthfully that he had lost about twenty. The lawyer asked if the case of mine had ever scaled off, or if there was ever any desquamation, and the doctor replied, "No." When asked if he knew what vaccinoid was, the doctor replied, Yes, it's a fine, little powder which Dr. Bonnell states-will make you immune to smallpox." Whereupon, my attorney told him that, according to his information, varioloid was a mild form of smallpox, and vaccinoid was a constitutional disturbance, produced upon a healthy body by giving, in a triturated, minute dose, the active pus from a small pox pustule.

The court's attention was then called to similar cases in other courts, proving that homeopathic vaccination was equally as good, or better than the old school form of vaccination.. He showed the court that more than twenty percent of the "old school" doctors patients had died, and that all those treated homeopathically had lived. He proved that internal vaccination was safe, an effective, and that our city physician was not as well informed on smallpox as he should have been. At his suggestion the case was promptly thrown out of court.

On page 246 of the book there is the legal case of Ed Canning vs. the Board of Health of the City of Council Bluffs Iowa; the Independent School District of Council Bluffs, Iowa,; and the members of its Board of Education.

The case was held in the District Court of Pottawattamie County, Iowa on the 19th of October 1905.

The court found that while the Board of Education has the right to require students to be vaccinated against smallpox when an epidemic is prevailing, the Board did not have the power to specify and enforce any recognized method of vaccination to the exclusion of others "recognized and practiced by any Standard School of Medicine, authorized or established under the laws of this State." Since the homeopathic "school" was recognized (it had a department at the university of Iowa), and since "internal vaccination" is "equally or more effective than vaccination by the scarification method," the court found that the schools could not exclude children who had been given an internal vaccination.

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