Dangers of Depleted Uranium ( DU )

Revised February 22, 2004

WHO suppressed scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in iraq February 22, 2004 - The Sunday HeraldIraqis & US & UK & world military that are there affected - An expert report warning that the long-term health of Iraq's civilian population would be endangered by British and US depleted uranium (DU) weapons has been kept secret. The study by three leading radiation scientists cautioned that children and adults could contract cancer after breathing in dust containing DU, which is radioactive and chemically toxic. But it was blocked from publication by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which employed the main author, Dr Keith Baverstock, as a senior radiation advisor. He alleges that it was deliberately suppressed, though this is denied by WHO.

Scientists Urge Shell Clear-Up to Protect Civilians - Royal Society spells out dangers of depleted uranium April 17, 2003

Death by DU Depleted uranium: A deadly tool in the U.S. arsenal

LISTEN TO interview with Major Doug Rokke on Jeff Rense Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D., Government expert on Depleted Uranium - former head of the Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project. Pentagon has ACTUALLY just said - they WILL NOT CLEAN UP and WILL NOT provide medical care for anyone affected - servicemembers, civilians - NO ONE. Confirmed. Colonel David Lapin (?sp). Confirmed by Sec Def Public Affairs - EVEN THOUGH Mandated......."The US Army made me their expert. I went into the project with the total intent to ensure they could use uranium munitions in war, because I'm a warrior. What I saw as director...led me to one conclusion: Uranium munitions must be banned from the planet for eternity..." -- Major Doug Rokke

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DEPLETED URANIUM: THE WAR CRIME THAT HAS NO END, by Paul Rockwell ( 2004-02-20 )


Depleted Uranium Watch

Depleted Uranium Training Video - Why NOT shown to troops

Australia - Troops show uranium sickness signs, claims expert June 23 2003

Weapon of Mass Deception - What the Pentagon doesnít want us to know about depleted uranium

Iraqi doctors see depleted uranium as cancer cause August 18, 2003

From Jon Rappoport April 7, 2003







Iraq's real WMD crimeThere are weapons of mass destruction all over Iraq and they were used this year. Iraqi children continue to find them every day. They have ruined the lives of just under 300,000 people during the last decade - and numbers will increase. The reason is simple. Two hundred tonnes of radioactive material were fired by invading US forces into buildings, homes, streets and gardens all over Baghdad. The material in question is depleted uranium (DU). Left over after natural uranium has been enriched, DU is 1.7 times denser than lead - effective in penetrating armoured objects such as tanks.

News from the Front: Tons of Depleted Uranium Polluting Iraq December 1, 2003 - U.S. forces unleashed at least 75 tons of toxic depleted uranium on Iraq during the war, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

Gulf Wars I & II and Depleted Uranium (Gulf War Syndrome) The evils of DU are visible in Iraq, they are visible in Gulf War I veterans and they will soon be visible in many of the men and women today serving in the cradle of civilization. Nuclear war was unleashed on Iraq and Afghanistan by our military. In the end, it is our own sons and daughters that must pay the price for this most wicked of actions, this most unmoral of wars. And we have our own government to thank for the coming decimation that will in the next few years and decades devour our loved ones and the children they bear.

More Manuel Valenzuela - Google search on +Depleted Uranium+Manuel Valenzuela much here


American Terrorist JANUARY 8, 2004 - Of the 10,000 Americans evacuated sick from Iraq, many have "mystery illnesses" not unlike those suffered by veterans of the first Gulf war. By mid-April last year, the US air force had deployed more than 19,000 guided weapons and 311,000 rounds of uranium A10 shells. According to a November 2003 study by the Uranium Medical Research Center, witnesses living next to Baghdad airport reported a huge death toll following one morning's attack from aerial bursts of thermobaric and fuel air bombs. Since then, a vast area has been "landscaped" by US earth movers, and fenced. Jo Wilding, a British human rights observer in Baghdad, has documented a catalogue of miscarriages, hair loss, and horrific eye, skin and respiratory problems among people living near the area. Yet the US and Britain steadfastly refuse to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct systematic monitoring tests for uranium contamination in Iraq. The Ministry of Defense, which has admitted that British tanks fired depleted uranium in and around Basra, says that British troops "will have access to biological monitoring." Iraqis have no such access and receive no specialist medical help.

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