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How to Live Without Electricity -- And Like It

by Anita Evangelista

How to Live Without Electricity--And Like It could perhaps be more appropriately called How to Live Without Being Hooked Up to Commercial Electrical Utilities, Save Money, and Like It. Whether you seek to be completely "off the grid" or simply prepared for occasional or frequent power outages, you'll find the concrete information you need. Among a number of other ways to be independent of the local utility company, learn how to monitor your current power usage accurately; convert to solar energy--both passive and active systems; pump and store potable water; refrigerate food without electricity; and generate electrical power independently and charge batteries. How to Live Without Electricity is a surprisingly nontechnical book, easy to read and understand, with many diagrams and helpful illustrations. It also includes a list of the best resources for ordering the products and materials discussed and a bibliography of additional books on cooking, heating, and cooling with alternative sources of energy.

How to Dry Foods

by Deanna Delong, Laura Gates (Editor)

A classic returns with updated recipes and a new look. The book details how to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, meats, fish, and nuts. More than 100 recipes teach cooks how to make meat jerkies, fruit leathers, trail mixes, main courses, desserts, baby food and much more. Full-color photographs.

Woodstove Cookery : At Home on the Range

by Jane, Cooper, Sherry Streeter (Illustrator)

Filled with tips on buying, setting up, cleaning, and enjoying a woodstove with breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes from Cooper's eclectic collection.

Eat Right for Your Type : The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight by Peter J., Dr. D'Adamo, Catherine Whitney (Contributor), Dr. Peter J D'Adamo

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